Don't Be a Victim of Identity Theft

DID YOU KNOW…There’s a thief going around stealing people’s identities?
Be Alert, this thief may not look like you think, he may appear as a friend. He might be in your close circle. Years ago, my brother's identity was stolen. But, guess what? It was a while before he even knew it had been stolen. He had this friend who would ride from place to place with him.

They were friends. So, he got comfortable. No need to hide important documents such as his driver's license, his paycheck stubs, etc. All his personal information was lying around for the thief to steal. But, he had no idea he was entertaining a thief until something strange started to happen.

God, Are You There?

God, are you there? Is God taking too long to come through for you? Don’t get discouraged during the silent period. We all experience God’s silence at times. Sometimes God says nothing! 

Have you ever really wanted something so bad, well you thought you really wanted it, but years later you were so happy God didn’t answer that prayer?

Write the Vision

It took years for me to finally put pen to paper, to write my thoughts down. As natural as it would seem, my divorce wasn’t an immediate catalyst for me to catalog my journey. In fact, several years would pass before I would write my first journal. In the beginning, it wasn’t so much about the future, but more about my present situation.  I would write as I talked to God.  Until one day, it changed.