— Altregia Jordan
Altregia Jordan

“Get Over It” and Start Living Your Most Brilliant Life!

Living your most BRILLIANT life is God’s plan for you. Can I tell you, God does not wish for you to live in misery!

God’s plan is for you to have a marvelous life. Let me help you get there.

ALTREGIA JORDAN is the Breakthrough Expert. She has discovered the three culprits responsible for blocking women from clarity and walking in their greatness. Empowered by her own experiences as a entrepreneur and former single mother, Altregia has created a movement of helping diamonds in the rough remove their shine blockers and discover that they were created to shine.

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Are you hiding behind FEAR?

I know all about fear…

I walked in your shoes for years.I hid behind fear of the unknown. But, I don’t want that to be you.

Are your INSECURITIES keeping you from your PURPOSE? Is UNFORGIVENESS blocking you from seeing your BRILLIANCE?

I’m searching for diamonds who are hiding behind fear, insecurities and unforgiveness. I’m determined to help you gain the clarity, courage and confidence needed to breakthrough these shine blockers.


Begin Living in Brilliance

Change Your Mindset

You’re Only 21 Days to a Better You!

It’s Your Time to Shine! "I Am" are two of the most powerful words, for what you put after them really does create your reality.

In this book, Altregia Jordan shares 21 days of powerful “I Am” affirmations that can help you learn how to shift your thoughts and words to create the reality you want.

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